„The Fourth International Conference on Nordic and Baltic Studies of the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies” (24 – 26 mai 2013)


Organizator: Facultatea de Istorie şi Ştiinţe Politice, în parteneriat cu Asociaţia Română  de Studii Baltice şi Nordice

Scop şi obiective: The conference continues and develops a project that the Romanian Association for Baltic and Nordic Studies initiated in 2010, aiming at investigating, comparing and describing the relations, encounters, intersections, confluences, mutual influences and/or parallels between the Nordic and Baltic Sea areas, on the one hand, and the Black Sea region, on the other hand. The project was structured in annual international conferences usually taking place in late May.

The conference will address themes such as:

•          The empire-building, region-building, national/nationalist, cultural construction discourses present in these regions

•          The historic development of these regional initiatives and/or organizations and the relations between them

•          Political, cultural and diplomatic relations between Baltic and/or Nordic states, on the one hand, and the Black Sea countries, on the other hand

•          The relations between the EU integration and different Baltic, North and Black Sea regional structures

•          Education and leadership in the context of regionalization in the Baltic Sea and Black Sea areas

*          Education and leadership: between tradition, challenges and perspectives

*          Educational projects: bridges between the Baltic Sea and Black Sea areas

•          Linguistic unity and diversity in Scandinavia and the Baltic states

•          Nordic and Baltic identity through cultural diversity

•          Water protection in the Baltic Sea and the Black Sea Region and the role of agriculture

•          Inter- and intra-regional comparisons